Ryan Fenson-Hood is a writer, director, and editor whose work has shown on The Sundance Channel, in dozens of film festivals, on DVD and on Netflix. His “Best Documentary” win at the 2009 Zurich Film Festival launched a commercial writing and directing career that evolved into Cinomadic, an NYC-based creative and production house co-founded by Bill Mack in 2011.

His surreal romantic comedy, Jasper and the Sea Queen, will be released on the 2015 festival circuit. He is now in development on his first feature,The Adventures of Meriweather Timms, a fantastical coming of age odyssey.



Jasper And The Sea Queen

Dechen Hawk: Seasons

Music produced by Justin Marchacos with Erik James

Written and Directed by Ryan Fenson-Hood
Produced by Bill Mack
Director of Photography: Lucas Millard
A Cinomadic Production

Neglected Tropical Diseases

Client: AbbVie
Agency: Prophet

Production House: Cinomadic

Directed by Ryan Fenson-Hood
Produced by Bill Mack
Director of Photography: Lucas Millard

Downhill Affair - A Love Story

Professional extreme skiers Zack and Molly meet on the mountain. Sharing a shoe-string budget, standing on creaking cornices together, watching each other risk life and limb for the camera: their wildest dreams have come true. Or have they?

Produced By Right On Brother
Produced by Sam Giffin
Co-Produced by Steve Olenick
Written and Directed by Sam Giffin and Ryan Fenson-Hood
Original Score Justin Marchacos and Ryan Fenson-Hood
Directors of Photography: Sam Giffin and Dylan Hart

Making Healthcare Remarkable

Client: Novant
Agency: Prophet
Production House: Cinomadic

Directed by Ryan Fenson-Hood
Produced by Bill Mack
Director of Photography: Sven O. Hill


The aftermath of an earthquake, the terrorism risks latent in an Olympic stadium, the corruption that infects business in the developing world, and the task of connecting and guiding an organization of 50,000: these are the challenges faced by the five employees that represent their firm in The Faces of Marsh and McLennan Companies.

These five Faces take the viewer into their worlds in a cinema style documentary to show the adventure of doing business in the global market and the profound importance of doing it in an ethical way.

Directed by Ryan Fenson-Hood.


Three years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is part ghost town and part third world country. Well known musicians Lillian Boutté, Dr. Michael White and photographer Armand "Sheik" Richardson use jazz as a philosophy and tool to save themselves and their abandoned, crumbling city. The Sound After the Storm tells a story in which this "music born of slavery" is reborn in response to Katrina's devastation.

Directed by Ryan Fenson-Hood, Sven Hill & Patrik Soergel.

Winner 2009 Best Documentary - Zurich Film Festival.


Edited by Ryan Fenson-Hood. Tierney Gearon's photographs have been called manipulative, disturbingly ambiguous, even perverse; the London police demanded that the Saatchi Gallery which first showed the offending photos of her young children take the pictures down. Tierney has always maintained she loves her subjects deeply and understands them better than anyone else. How could she not? They are her family.


The Return of the Niña begins with the world record snows of the 1999 La Niña storms as it puts the lens on various athletes (skiers, snowboarders, and telemarkers) over the following seven years. Characterizations of these athletes and their mountains tell the stories of a catastrophic avalanche in 1999 and of La Niña's triumphant, yet life threatening return in 2006.
Directed by Ryan Fenson-Hood and Sam Giffin.


Martha Stewart narrates this profile of Ralph Rucci, an American fashion designer whose thoroughly modern creations are as renowned for their ability to reflect their wearer's personality as they are for their elegance, exquisite detailing and high quality materials. David Boatman's documentary follows Rucci during the creation of his Spring 2008 ready-to-wear and Fall 2008 couture collections, and features interviews with a number of the fashion world's leading insiders. Edited and Associate Produced by Ryan Fenson-Hood.